You Will Never Ever Throw Onion Peels Again After Reading This

We are used to throw away the things we don’t feel the need of using. One such thing is the onion peels. Neither used in salads nor in preparing food and with their pungent smell, they are termed “useless”.

But do you know that these useless onion peels are pretty much beneficial for your health. How? Let’s get onto that.

#1. It is Anti-Inflammatory

Onion peels work as an anti-inflammatory agent. All you have to do is just let it soak in water overnight and then use the water which absorbs all the beneficial agents from the onion peels. This water can help reduce agitation, rashers, allergies and skin eruptions.

#2. It keeps Flies and Insects Away

One of the major problem faced in summer is the ample number of flies and mosquitoes in your home. Well guess what, onion peels can solve this problem. Just use the same water prepared as mentioned above and place it outside windows and even the sides of doors. The strong smell of onion will keep the flies and mosquitoes away.

#3. It’s a Hair Conditioner

Often we find ourselves finding solutions to get those perfect hair and a lot many times it’s home remedies we search for. Onion peel can work as a hair conditioner if onion skin broth ( beneficial extract) is used. It is a natural ingredient for hair growth and it softens and nourish your hair.

#4. It Reduces Cholesterol

Onion skin broth can be prepared and used on a daily basis along with regular exercise to help boost your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol. Honey and sugar can be used to mask the taste of the drink but it’s always better to use it the way it is supposed to be.

#5. It Fights Stomach Infections

Stomach infections sometimes can not be easily cured. Every medication does take time to cure any disease. You can use onion skin broth to either along with the medication or as a single cure to stomach infection. Onion peels have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action and hence they are very beneficial.

#6. It has Anti-Cancer agents

It doesn’t claim to cure cancer. But it does help in fighting the cancer cells. The onion peels contains an important enzyme named “Quercetin” which is has anti-cancer properties.

Maybe these benefits will make you save those onion peels next time and use it for your health.