If You Really Want to Win Him! Keep These 7 Things in Mind!

Breakups are soul crushing and it is even harder when you are still in love with your ex and regret doing so, blaming yourself for everything that you did wrong. Are you a girl who just lost the love of her life over a stupid mistake or blunder? Are you convinced that he is the one for you and are secretly waiting for that one message or call from him confessing that he still loves you while your friends encourage you to move on? Well, they are not wrong but a heart wants what it wants and here is how you can win him back!


#1. Acceptance

The first step is to accept why your relationship ended and think about where you went wrong and can correct it instead of disagreeing over things and playing the blame game.
You should also accept that he is no longer yours to claim and will have to make an effort to win back his love

#2. Walk a mile in his shoes.

Try to think from his perspective and understand how he felt/or is feeling before making a judgment about him. Don’t make hasty assumptions and jump to conclusions solely based on how YOU feel. Think of why he let you go and what pushed him away. Think of what went wrong with an unbiased mind and how you can make it right.

#3. Avoid desperate texts/calls

Yes, you love him and crave him every moment of the day but making those drunk calls and sending those desperate messages expressing won’t do any good. It will make you appear unstable and insecure and might just push him away further and kill all chances of you two getting back together.

#4. Communicate how you really feel

This is to not be confused with those desperate messages. Send him a handwritten letter or a long text message composed in a sound mind expressing how you really feel and accept all that you did wrong, assuring to work on it. Elaborate on how you feel without seeming too desperate. Keep it honest, keep it real.

#5. Set him free.

As cliched as it sounds, but if you love someone set them free. Don’t try to reach out to him all the time. Give him space and the time to cool down and reflect. Let him miss you and the warmth of your relationship

#6. Put yourself first.

Nobody likes a needy doormat. Don’t agree to things that you know are toxic/or will turn out to be toxic for you in future. Don’t be obsessed with getting him back. Set your priorities right and work on ways to solve your differences. Remember, Sacrifice but don’t compromise

#7. Patience is the key

Don’t rush into everything. Give it time. In reality, things happen at a pace slower than that of fiction. Don’t be impulsive and make decisions that you will end up regretting. Remember that this period is very crucial and you will have to work with caution. Don’t complicate it any more than it already is.

Follow these steps and keep believing in yourself and your love for him and you will be able to win him back. If you don’t then remember, destiny has a better plan for you