Why Guys Are Afraid of Commitment ?

Been seeing someone for a long time now? But he’s just not ready to commit even though you guys sync pretty well and you’re killing yourself with the thoughts of what you did wrong or where you went wrong. Surely you’ve played the possibilities of a future together or just simply a relationship. But you can’t help but be sad for his not committing to you. Maybe it’s time you try figuring out what’s the reason behind this. Maybe it’s not your mistake. Maybe he has other reasons for not doing so.

Here are few reasons for why he might not committing to you:

#1. He still want to Play the field

Once a guy commits, it means he can no longer date or enjoy with other women. He has to be completely devoted to his girl. But mostly, men like to keep their freedom to be able to be able to do all that they want for as long as possible. It would take a serious falling for someone for them to commit to their love.

#2. He’s Got Other Priorities

Life is not all about love as it is not about money. But there surely are things that can be very important in one’s life. Maybe he has workload or his family issues to deal with first and he’s kept the love for some other time. Right now there are things that demand his attention more than you.

#3. There’s Someone Else

There’s a possibility that you’re one of the options he has in his life and he hasn’t yet decided with whom he wants to spend his life with. It’s always hard to commit when you’re still analysing your feelings and choices.

#4. He’s Got Baggage

The Past is a place where we no longer live but a place we can never stop visiting. Maybe he’s had bad experiences in the past that prevents him from committing to you. Maybe he’s had done things he’s not very proud of and is scared that you’d leave him once you know or just some things he’s not yet ready to share with you.

#5. He’s Scared of Relationships

Many people are scared of relationships. Yes, that’s the truth. When you’ve once been there and know how it has fucked your happiness once, you would not want to give it one more try. Especially people who love themselves and their life are very less likely to take the risk of investing into a relationship.

#6. He just wants the Sex

Yes, this can be something you need to look out for. Maybe he just lusts for you and that’s why isn’t committing to you. ¬†After all, he’s getting all he wants without having to commit.

#7. He’s Not Sure About You

One reason for him not committing to you can be the fact that he isn’t yet sure about you. Maybe he feels you’re not yet ready to be with him or he’s not sure if these feelings are strong enough to keep you together. He may see you as a fun person to date but might not have ever felt like he’d want to commit to you.

#8. You’re Pressuring Him Too Much

Sometimes pressuring someone too much can not be a very wise idea. He may become annoyed and eventually give up on the idea of committing to you. Give him the time and the reasons to commit to you. Let him be sure about you guys first, only then would it be a good relationship.

#9. He’s Not Financially Ready

Every guy before committing either wants to be financially stable or decided to be as soon as possible. This is one of the insecurities that guys have in their mind. It is very important for them to be fine

#10. He’s Not Ready For The Responsibility

The relationship brings responsibilities and that’s maybe not what he’s ready for. His life and his priorities are more important to him than you. He’d rather spend his night partying than comforting you while you are on your days. Not to forget if you miss your periods, he’d surely want to run away.

#11. He’s Not Over His Ex

The worst scenario can be that he’s not yet over his ex. This can be very hard on him as well as you. Maybe you’re just a way for him at trying to get over her. But he doesn’t feel like he’s ready to give up on her. You can easily notice these if he talks about her at times, or calls you by her name by mistake or is a lot of times lost in thoughts while you’re telling him something about yourself.