What To Do When You’re in Love With Your Bestfriend

“Falling in love with your best friend is the best as well as the worst scenario”

Falling for your best friend is no surprise. After all, they are someone you probably spend most of your time with, someone who knows you the most:  inside-outside,  someone whose words can make you happy and calm you down at the same time. Then why can someone not fall for their best friend?

Is it because things get awkward? Or is it because you’re scared you might end up losing the friendship as well? No matter what the reason this ‘best friend turned the love of your life’ has the power to make things hard in your life.

Here are few things that you can probably do to make things a lot better:

#1. Give Yourself Some Alone Time Away from Your BestFriend


Sometimes, all you need is day or two away from the world to get in peace with your thoughts. Give yourself some solitary time and clear your thoughts. Change your mindset, accept what it is.Pen it down, make a to-do list of your further steps to prevent any kind of disturbances and chaos. When you’re probably with them all the time, it’s likely that you won’t be able to take a better decision for both of you. It’s always better that you take your decision without any pressure and hindrance.

#2. Tell Them About How You Feel


How hard it may seem, but this is something one should surely do. Keeping it all inside can sometimes harm you more than saying it aloud ever could. Be confident, share how you feel about them. But don’t pressurize them, don’t make them feel like things are no longer the same between you two. Make sure they are truthful to you and sure about their answer. Don’t lose a beautiful friendship to your love interests.

#3. Accept and Respect


Firstly, you need to know the fact that what you feel for someone is probably not how the other will feel for you. If they tell you that they love you too, it’s just great. But if they don’t, be responsible enough and accept the truth. Just like it’s mentioned above, don’t lose a beautiful friendship. Accept and respect their decision and move on.

#4. Make Sure Things Don’t Get Awkward Between You Two


It’s important to pay attention to your as well as their behavior once you have accepted your feelings. Don’t let the bond be affected. If you notice that things are not very fine amongst you two, try to spend some time in groups instead of a lot of one-on-one time with them. Even if you guys were very close, it’s advisable that you both avoid anything too intimate or private.

#5. Rebuild Your Friendship


If things are no longer the same between you guys and you feel like your friend is being a little insecure about you at times, you need to re-think what you’re doing. Even if they have recently broken your heart and you feel distant to them, it would make things better if you try to rebuild your friendship. The love and care your friends and you have for each other is not lost, so stable yourself and do anything and everything to makes things like they were before between you guys.

Always remember that things are not over yet. There’s so much more to life. You should be happy that you’ve fallen for a person who you find so amazing. At the end of the day, if they stand with you on your highs and your lows, care for you and love you, you shouldn’t ever lose such a tremendous friendship 🙂


Love has passion, but friendship has peace”