What do Guys Want in a Relationship From You?

Well, first of all, most of the guys want a Girl to be there in the relationship. ūüôā .

Let’s go to the list.


Every Man on this earth expects respect from the partner.

Respect for a man by a girl is kind of a Love itself. If you make your man feel that you agree on his career, his decisions, his choices etc then he starts trusting and loving you more than before.


Letting your male partner know that you admire and like many things about him, physically, mentally or emotionally makes him feel that you actually love him which helps him to create his trust and love for you even more. So, ladies, praise your man often but do it genuinely.

Emotional Strength & Intimacy

Right from the childhood, males are taught in a way to not to show their emotional weaknesses to the world which makes their emotion to hide somewhere deep down inside them. Women need to understand that the way they open up sexually in time, same goes for the males in the case of emotions. You have to actually make trust if you want him to open up emotionally with you.

Loyalty & Security

No doubt that both the genders are attracted to the Loyalty and Security they always wanted with their partner. If a man has a trust on you that you are there for him and will stay by his side. This thing is actually very much important to him. He can do anything for you if you have this quality in you. Being with a partner who trusts you and is there for you, especially when it is about emotional matters this makes a man crave to have you in their life.

Physical Touch & Space

Males like when their partner give them a sudden sensual & unexpected physical touch like on the neck, in hair, a hug from behind, etc. This makes them feel the love you have in you for them. Also, providing your male partner with some space for his personal individual growth with a sense of your presence makes him feel more comfortable in the relation. So, ladies go for it.

A sense of Sexual Connection

No doubt on this that women communicate and connect more verbally but men do it sexually. It’s in them you cannot take it off. When both of them communicate sexually the bond obviously goes to the next level and especially males feel this to be especial to have an access to their female partner which obviously no one else has.