What do Guys Think While Kissing the Girl they Admire? Here is the truth…

I Have you ever initiated a kiss with a guy? Have you ever wanted a guy to kiss you? Well, here we are going to discuss what things go through a guy’s mind when they are with the girl they like and feel like initiating a kiss, what turns them on? what turns them off? Let’s discuss everything here.

#1. “To Initiate or not to initiate”

So, if your guy calls you home or invites you somewhere, you have to give him some subtle hints, for him to have the confidence to actually initiate a kiss. Let’s discuss this one with an example, say you visit his place. Here if you sit on the couch far away from him, it is a big negative signal to the guy, because you are restricting his advance, sit on the bed, or somewhere where he can sit beside you.

#2.  “Did I brush my teeth today? Do I smell bad?”

Well, here is one thought that definitely bothers them, the first kiss is a moment of leaving a first impression. Believe me or not, you are actually turning your man into a gentleman right now. If he truly loves you, he will at least take good care of his oral hygiene from next time onward. Even better if he has the guts to skip the first opportunity, he’ll take good care next time. and you’ll have a better experience too.

#3. “I should buff up”

Whether or not your man admits this, but trust me, in the back of his head, he is thinking about how you must be feeling about his body close to you. So, don’t do the unjustice, feel his body. It’s all yours, and don’t worry, improving his physique will come naturally to him.

#4. “To Touch or not to touch…”

He won’t tell you, but he has imagined kissing you tons of times in his head before this moment. And trust, in every kiss, he imagines his hand running on your smooth skin, feeling your back, and most fantasized of them all, feeling your breasts. Trust me, he is in this moment afraid of being judged if he places his hands on your breasts. Be the bold one, guide his hand with your hands, he’ll never forget it.

#5. “Oh God, no Boner Please!”

One more thing that scares him during a kiss is the possibility of a boner. It doesn’t matter if it is the natural response of the human body, he is still afraid you’ll jusdge him, or think of him as a pervert. So, when you are kissing your man and you feel his boner, it might feel awkward, but, do whatever you want, just don’t make him feel embarrassed about it.

#6. “Should I hug her tighter, wait, I might injure her!”

Men are built to be stronger than female and gentlemen are aware of this fact. And hurting a woman is not something they would do make them feel good about their strength. Apparently, this thing goes through their mind as well while they are hugging you. They want to hold you closer, in the moment you both just want to be melted into one, but yeah, he is aware that he might hurt you if he over does it, so, don’t be mean about it, give him hints if he should go harder or not.

#7. “I Just Can’t Have Enough of Her”

Apparently, guys when they hug their love, just like us, don’t want the moment to end. One thing what you can do on your part is that while kissing, hold back after a few seconds, then kiss again, hold back again and then kiss again. Do this multiple times and the lip long will last longer than anything.

#5. “What next?”

While the kiss is in its full swing, your man will be thinking about what to do next. Apparently, you don’t have any problem with him feeling your body and your kiss is on fire. So, why not push his advances further? Let him undo your bra, and I won’t write on step by step what happens next. It is basically your call now, do you want to lose control with him or not. If you think it is the right time, why not.

“It’s your Intimate Moment, be vulnerable, test the limits, explore. Don’t move back.”


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