This Man Was Artificially Given Labor Pains, This is What Happened Next !

Childbirth is one of the most painful thing a woman has to go through. There have always been claims that labor pain gives 57 units of pain while a human body in general can bear only 47 units of pain. It had always made people curious whether it is true or not. Men especially have more curiosity since they can never feel that pain.

Wrong! There’s an artificial machine that administer the dosage of pain experienced by a woman during labor. This device can administer dose which can be altered according to the tolerance level of the person.

A student named Johnny Wade, from Tennessee, tried it out. Brave you may call him but it turns out that it wasn’t a very wise decision.



There are 2 electrodes that are connected to a person’s lower stomach. These 2 electrodes are then connected to a larger control switch inside the machine. The machine has an intensity switch ¬†that can alter pain from 1 to 10.

#Jhonny Wade

Jhonny Wade was one of the first person to try this.

He was asked to lay down. He was taught some breathing exercises, He practiced them and then the pain was induced. Even with the help of a friend who was trying to restrain him, Wade could very clearly feel the intensity of the shocks from the very start.

He told the woman handling the machine to induce maximum pain i.e. 10.


But Wade couldn’t handle it on 10. After a couple of seconds, Wade asked her to stop. He did his best to handle it but he couldn’t. The pain was so terrible.

Men who believe childbirth isn’t as painful as it’s told to be, you might want to try and find it out yourself.