This is what Google did when she searched “How to commit suicide” !!

We all have gone through a phase in our life where we have decided or tried to commit suicide. Well according to us, we seemed to be doing the right thing at that moment. We at this tender age don’t usually ask for help from our friends or parents and we end up deciding that we are done with this life. We end up searching easy ways to die and what’s better than google in giving answers?

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But here’s how Google helped a girl who was about to end her life.

A 24 years old depressed girl who recently had gone through a breakup on one fine day decided that she can not take it anymore. Yes, she decided to commit suicide. The reason you may ask? Her boyfriend got a government job and that’s when his family decided he deserved someone better than her now. Under pressure, he broke up with her.

After a lot of struggle to go through it all, here she was, ready to jump in the Yamuna canal, 4 km away from Saharanpur. But right before jumping, she thought of finding an easy way out. No not from the problem but from this life., an easier method to commit suicide. She searched “How to commit suicide” on Google.

Google being the one we have always turned to find solutions to our each and every problem, provided her with “Suicide Helpline Numbers”

Call it luck or her mind coming back to senses, she dialled one of the numbers. It connected her to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, who convinced her to step back and not jump. On his efforts, she finally visited him at his office. On knowing her version of the story, he realised she needed counselling. He took help and got some experts to give counselling to the girl and she was treated out of her depression

The girl was saved in that one moment where Google showed her the helpline number.

Even Google knows that suicide is not the solution. Then why can’t we as humans realise the fact that “Yes suicide is not the way out”.

Reach out for help if you find yourself being dragged into darkness by your thoughts.

Reach out if you find someone who might be going through such traumatic thoughts.