Men Absolutely Love these 9 Things in Bed… Especially the 7th One!

Great Sex is as important in a relationship as is fuel in a vehicle. That being said, without further ado, let’s just jump right into the real talk.

#1. “Dirty Talk – first step to foreplay”


It’s not only women who need to hear some dirty and naughty talks to get turned on. Men enjoy that too. Silence can freak them out. At the very least, some encouraging moans can do great to let them know they are on right track and doing everything just right. Praise them for their efforts.

#2. “To See You take the charge”


It is likely to admit that men want sex but women want it as much too but they don’t take the initiative. So when a woman takes the first step, the initiative, it impresses him and makes him want you more. Your taking over him, showing you’re the boss, acting all dominant drives him crazy for you. Men love to see their women all wild and turned on for them.

#3. “Being Open About Your Fantasies”


Instead of expecting your man to know what you want, just know that they are not mind-readers. A man himself will do as much as he knows that would please you. So when a woman tells them exactly she wants, they think it’s kinda hot because their partner knows what she wants and is open about it. Knowing they give you all you want, is a sense of accomplishment for them.

#4. “He Loves to Hear his Name”


As simple as it may sound, but this actually works wonders to drive your man crazy. Say his name, scream it, croon it, or whisper it in his ear, it would work. It would make him feel like he is the center of your world like he’s the only person that matters to you and that is a big turn on.

#5. “Foreplay, The fuel of Amazing Sex”

It’s not always about getting to sex directly. Men enjoy foreplay. Play with him, tease him, build up things slowly. Do things that he like, make him work for getting into bed with you.