Things That Would Be Missing In a ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship

‘Friends With Benefits’, it’s something that sounds cool and familiar to the current generation. No doubt it is a friendship with a lot of benefits. No tensions, no burdens, no expectations, no baggage but a sex life. Who wouldn’t want that? Not all surely but many do.

No matter how easy and convincing this relationship may sound, the truth is that it is not. At the end of the day, you would want someone to love you; someone to show affection to you and that’s clearly not what a Friends with Benefits Relationship are about.

Here’s a list of a few things that you would miss in a ‘Friends with Benefits’ (FWB) relationship:

#1. True Affection

If you are in an ‘FWB’ relationship, you would have a physical attraction but not any kind of affection. Yeah, you guys must be great friends outside the bedroom, but the kind of affection one wants from one’s partner can not be achieved by being in an FWB relationship. No matter how hard you be on the outside, inside you do crave for affection.

#2. Emotional Void

Satisfying your physical needs is easy and that’s what you’re doing in an FWB relationship but at the end of the day when you lay on your bed to fall asleep, you’ll have your life giving flashbacks of your past; you’ll probably be mentally and emotionally drained because of a loss or sadness. No, you can not satisfy your soul in an FWB relationship. You need someone you can give a call to when you’re low; someone who is there to listen to you when you’re losing it all

#3. The Care

When you’re hurt or when you’re just not feeling good enough, there won’t be someone who would come up to you, caress your head or tell you ‘It’s gonna be alright. I’m here with you’. You would want it even if you deny it at first. This is human nature. We want someone to care for us and tell us that they’ll be with us. Yes, there might be the sort of care a friend would do, but not the kind you would want from your partner. You won’t get it in an FWB relationship.

#4. Can’t Really Count on Your Partner

When we have a someone special in our life, we want them to stand with us in every situation. But that’s not necessarily the case with ‘Friends with Benefits’. You can’t really rely on them to have your back. They have their life and that’s more important to them.

#5. You Can’t Afford to Develop Feelings

The most dangerous thing here is feeling for your partner. When you get into an FWB relationship, the deal is to not build feelings for each other. But the thing is we do, eventually; at least one of the partner do. When you’re seeing someone, you can fall for them, that’s normal. But this is not the case here. It feels like ‘having someone and yet not having them’.

#6. No Passionate Love Making

Talking about love making, it’s not love making here. It’s making out or let’s just plainly say ‘having sex’. The passion and the love while making out would always be missing. The feeling of making love to your special someone is heavenly and you’d miss it in an FWB relationship.

#7.  The Uncertainty Would Eat You Up Slowly

Being in a committed relationship at least gives you the power to fight for your place in one’s life. But ‘Friends with Benefits’ relationship doesn’t give you that right. You can never be sure for how long it would go and when the other person chooses to quit it; the funny thing is you can’t even stop them. You can not do anything about it. Their distant behavior at times will give you signs of their quitting. You’d never be sure about your being together.

#8. Can not Create Beautiful Memories

Intimacy is a special thing for a lot of people and doing it with the special someone is also a part of the deal. In an FWB relationship, it would not be as special as it would have been with the love of your life. Also, every moment spent with your special someone is precious and beautiful in its own way. You can make so many memories together. But in an FWB relationship, you would never be able to have the”being together” feeling.