Do You Feel Lazy All the Time? 10 Easy Methods to Stay Fresh All the Time

With our daily routine of work at school, college and office etc., it’s surely not an easy task to stay fresh all the time. We often find ourselves feeling dull and tired as the day progresses towards the evening.

But when we decide to carry on with the right routine, we tend to stay fresh for a longer time.

Here are some ways you can stay fresh for a longer time:-

#1.  Sleep for 6-8 hours every night


Taking the right amount of sleep each night actually keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the day. After a good sleep, the body and mind are relaxed and recharged. Make sure there are no lights on and keep your mobile phone at a distance.

#2. Regular Exercise


Exercising regularly, especially in the morning can help release that extra stress and tension from the body by getting rid of endorphins. Exercising regularly keeps you energetic and lively.

Meditation is a good way to relax and feel good wholly.

#3. Clean Yourself


Start your day by cleansing your body. Take shower at least once a day and more if you play sports or workout or do field work. Choose a body wash or soap that is appropriate for your body type. Washing hair regularly is not good, so use little dry shampoos on days when your hair feel oily, It makes your hair look clean and fresh. Brush your hair twice a day to have a fresh breath.

#4. Never Skip Breakfast


Breakfast is a source of energy we need to start the day and go through it. Skipping it can lead to feeling tired and lazy at times. Also if at times you don’t get to take lunch, it can be hectic and not good for your body.

#5. Use Powder and Deodorant


Using powder is a good way to absorb moisture from your body. If your skin is oily and you sweat a lot, using powder is a good way to avoid smelling. Apply powder to areas that feel less fresh, like, armpits, feet etc.

Using deodorant prevents our body odor from becoming too strong. Also, it masks the body odor.

#6. Wear fresh and breathable clothes


It’s advisable to change regularly, especially the underclothes because the body secretions can lead to infection and bad odor if the clothes are not changed regularly. Always wear breathable clothes. Don’t stick to tight clothes. Wear a little loose yet good fitting clothes, preferably cotton clothes in summers.

#7. Use sanitary wipes


Use sanitary wipes to quickly clean yourself. It can help you cleanse yourself at any time without having to take a shower. Just clean, apply deodorant and you are good to go.

#8. Eat Healthy food


It’s advisable to add more green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Junk food should be avoided. Always know which food give your breath a bad odor. Spicy food makes you sweat more than usual.

#9. Drink a Lot of Water


No matter what the problem water is a common solution. Drinking a lot of water helps you excrete out the toxins and extra liquid. Water can also remove laziness and make you a little more attentive if you’re feeling sleepy. It helps your skin glow and keeps you fresh

#10. Feeling good is the key


When talking about staying fresh, it is important that you feel fresh. Carry a positive attitude and be happy. The better you feel inside, the better you look outside.