She Won’t Fall in Love With You If You are Doing These 9 Things!

Falling in love is a heavenly feeling. Loving every aspect of life, everything she says, everything she does, wanting to be a better person for her, these are some things we can relate to when in love.

When you love someone, it is likely that you will tell your feelings to the person and then it would be their decision whether they choose you or not. On the other hand, some try to impress their special someone before revealing their feelings to them. This is one hell of a thing. You never know if it’s good enough but you try and that’s what matters. The thing here is you might be just doing something that does the exact opposite of making her fall in love with you.

Here is a list of the things you might look out for when trying to make her fall in love with you.

#1. Being too Clingy

Ranbeer Clingy Boyfriend Anushka

When you’re in love, you want to spend all your time with the special someone. But that’s not how they feel. Trying to talk to her all the time, fixing a lot of meetings can make her feel uncomfortable, especially when she’s someone who appreciates solitude. Give her some space. She has a life.

#2. The Ex Talk


It doesn’t matter how many girls you’ve dated or how much experience you have with girls. You can’t impress her by talking how good you have been in your previous relationship. Though not all girls would mind knowing this, most do.

#3. Being Over Submissive


Let’s face the fact, yeah girls do like emotional men because that’s rare. But a weak man is not what a girl desires for in her life. Don’t be over submissive. She’s not your babysitter. Be strong enough.

#4. Don’t Brag


If you really want to keep her for a lifetime, do not brag about how much you have achieved in life or how much you earn or whatever car you drive. That’s not what should matter to your life partner.

#5. Pretending To Be What You’re Not


This is one of the biggest problems in men. They try to represent themselves as something they are not, someone the person they love, might love back. Never do such a thing. This would only lead to pain for both you and the other person.

#6. Comparing Yourself With Her Ex


Male bravado can sometimes be a silly site. It’s very common for a man to be jealous of his love’s ex and mostly they don’t take it well. So they start comparing themselves to her ex and criticize him in front of her. Girls don’t like this at all. You can not win her heart by telling her how you are better than him.

#7. Not Trying to Know Her


Being so busy telling her all that you feel or trying to impress her through different ways, you actually forget that she is important to you. You forget that knowing her first is more important than making her yours. You need to know all that she is and all that she’s not. Don’t just skip on the decision of making her your life partner. Give her time and let her open up to you slowly.

#8. Using Intimacy As a Way to Her Heart


Men these days get confused between love and lust. If you’re using intimacy as a tool to win her heart, my friend you’re going nowhere with this. These are just temporary feelings. At the end of the day, she wouldn’t actually love you. If you’re inviting her home for a movie clearly telling her no one’s home, this isn’t what would get you to her heart.

#9. Giving too many Gifts

No matter how good the idea of giving gifts to you girl is, you should never ever over do it. Giving her expensive things will only leave her with a feeling of unease. A chocolate, her favorite music or just a book is good enough.

Make sure you are not doing one of these things 🙂