Secrets of Treating Your Girlfriend During Her Periods

Instead of being the guy who panics when his girl’s on her periods, use these tips to be the guy who pampers her until she feels a lot better!

1. Cuddle her, listen to her, do whatever she loves.


Make a plan to watch a movie or show which she loves the most. “Watch it even if you hate it.” This would make her feel like woww how much my MAN loves me … Cuddle her and make her feel horny which might help her forget her weird mood swings and stomach ache.

2. Be as patient as you possibly can


Just behave like you are the most patient guy in this universe.I know this going to be tough but just do it. Bear her mood swings, her irritating words and reply her back in a very sweetly, saying, BABY, I LOVE YOU, It’s okay everything is going to be perfectly fine in 2 or more days.

3. Answer her questions carefully, I repeat, very carefully


She might keep on asking very silly questions, the questions which might be worthless to you but they might mean a lot to her, like for example,  “AM I FAT?” Like deep inside you might be thinking what the F*ck is she asking, what a #POOR SOUL I am to answer these worthless questions. I probably need a break up rather than answering this, but you know she is the love of your life and you answer smilingly saying..NO NO NO not at all YOU are my CUTEST teddy bear with a sweet little chubbiness which makes you perfect.

4. Know About her Period Timings


Just a day or two before your bae’s periods fill her boring stuff with dark chocolate and some of her other favorite stuff. This might make her happier and make her feel you are her MAN.

And just try spending time with her to make her feel comfortable and safe. She might keep on saying you that she hates herself because she is making you suffer as well let me tell you don’t answer this question saying IT’S OKEY. Answer it in a length about how much you love her and want to be with her in the hard times. Make her understand that her pain is your pain too.

5. Make her laugh, act more like a JOKER than a boyfriend


Try acting like the funniest guy. Make her laugh so hard; that she might forget her painful cramps. You may give her funny dance performances or crack silly jokes which would divert her mind off the pain.

6. Avoid the topics which irritate her.


Your girl might feel irritated on some particular talks, just avoid those talks during those days because that might endanger your life in return. Just keep her engaged in the talks she loves to have.

7. Don’t forget to be her chef yes seriously cook for her.


They say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Same is true for everyone, especially for a girl on her periods. Be her chef. Cook her favorite dishes in the exact same way she likes. She will not only love it but will also return the favor once she starts feeling well again.


“Even the smallest of your deeds will help her a lot through those tough times. In all, be the man she deserves in those tough times.”