You are Lucky if Your Boyfriend has These Qualities

In the plastic world of today, real gems are hard to find. And girls, the same goes for a guy.
have you been blessed with a boyfriend who would swim the tides for you or is he just a passing cloud? It’s always hard to tell, and harder when your judgment is blinded by those butterflies that you get every time he looks at you. Does he have these qualities? If yes, don’t let him go!


7). He is Trustworthy

Trust is like the building block of every relationship and the glue that holds it together. Do you have faith in him or do you feel the need to spy on him every now and then? Do you trust his words for their worth or you do feel they’re empty or manipulative? Hold on to him if he’s someone you can trust

6). He Appreciates You

If he takes pride in your achievements and values you for who you are then he’s really into you. Accepting you for who you are with all your uniqueness and quirks makes him the person you wouldn’t mind spending a lifetime with.

5). You Find Communicating With Him Easy

You don’t hesitate to speak your mind and talk about anything you want to. You know you both get along well if can communicate well and express how you really feel. If he is a good listener and understands you deeply, you have won a true gem.

4). He is Supportive of Your Decisions

Is he someone who believes in you and the decisions you make instead of criticizing them? Congratulations you have found a companion for life! This shows that he trusts you and will always be by your side throughout the journey of your life

3). He Encourages You

If he is your best source of motivation and a constant reminder for you to work towards your goals, you have found a keeper. He genuinely cares about you and wants you to achieve whatever is the best for you!

2). He Makes You a Part of His Life

if he involves you in his long-term as well as short-term plans, he is serious about you. If you see him making efforts to make you a part of his everyday life and he also introduces you to his friends and family, it shows that he wants you in his life for a lot longer. You could reciprocate this by doing the same!

1). He Inspires You to be a Better Version of Yourself

Is the relationship toxic and putting you under constant self-doubt and regret or is he someone you inspire you to grow and be a better person every day? If being with him makes you feel contented and leads you to a healthy path of self-improvement, he is the one for you.