Less or More: About 100 Teens Smuggled to Paris in Past 3 Years ?

Once again Mumbai city Crime Branch arrested 2 persons named Sunil Nandwani (53) of Kalyan and Narsaiyya Munjali (45) of Nalasopara who were trying to smuggle teens from Mumbai.

Investigators say that about 100 Teens have been smuggled so far from India to Paris in past 3 years.

One of the Accused, Nandwani has earlier also carried5 – 6 minors to Paris while Munjali has recently made passports for 2 minors but was unable to get French visas.

[/media-credit] Slavery – Human Trafficking

Why are they taken to Paris & what happens there?

As per the investigation, all of these teenagers were & are from North India, especially from Punjab region. They say that there is an agent in Punjab who contacts the parents of these minors and shows them a dream of a better life and education & family status to them and for their children’s.

Then these parents arrange the money either by putting their savings on the line or by selling some property to arrange the money for their children’s to go abroad.

Especially the teenagers aged between 14 and 16 are taken to France and then kept there till they turn 18, after which they apply for French citizenship.Then children are to be taken to some religious places likeGurdwaras and are left there & their passports are be destroyed by these agents.


Source : TOI