Do You Know The Secrets of These 10 Amazing Places

Ready with your travel Wishlist? Feel like a whole new adventure is waiting for you in those places? Well, you need to think again. Here are top 13 most secretive places that would, without a doubt, enter your Wishlist now.

The Svalbard Seed Vault:


Built to store seeds to be used in case of huge environmental disaster, this place is located on a remote Norwegian island. It has high security and rules that prevent entry of even the countries that lend seeds. There’s no way you can get access to it.

Secret Archives of the Vatican


The “secret” conveying a meaning close to “privacy”, this ancient library gives access to elite Vatican society. Even with the entry card, there are strict limitations to what archive users are able to view and access. This is surely going to get into a bookaholic’s Wishlist.

Area 51

Without a doubt, this is said to be the most secretive place in the United States. US Base deep in Nevada Desert, guarded by mines and defenses, has its purpose unknown to the public. Since years there have been rumors about the alien technology inside area 51.

Club 33 at Disney World


The secret feature of Disney World, Club 33 has 14 years long waiting list and even if you get on the list, you can’t get access without paying $ 40,000 initiation fees + $ 27,000 annual fees. Disney World doesn’t feel like a place for kids now, right?



Built in 2000 on an old anti-aircraft platform in England, it is a data hosting service company, operating from Sealand. There policies prohibited child pornography, spamming and hacking. With no Intellectual property laws applying on it, it is one of its kind, anything and everything else is allowed. The service went down in 2008 and was revived back in 2013.

Queen’s bedroom


One of the most guarded bedrooms of the era, the bedroom resides in the Buckingham palace and breaking into the bedroom is considered to be against the security norms.

Air Force One


The official traffic control call sign for a United States Air Force aircraft that carries the President of United States, has access to the only few trusted with at least a year with the President’s security records.

Snake Island


Home to about 40,000 of world’s deadliest snakes with a venom that has the efficiency to melt human flesh, this is a Brazilian island people fear to even visit in their scariest nightmares.

Coca-cola Vault


Who doesn’t want to get a secret that would make them earn billions of dollars? Well, that’s why these secrets are hidden. Coca-Cola’s secret recipe is guarded inside a secret vault that no one but the trusted personnel has access to.

Fort Knox


Known to be the most secure place in the United States it is a reserve that holds US gold bullion reserves and national treasure is defended by 30,000+ soldiers and a stream of attack helicopters. The gold vault is protected by 20-ton blast-proof doors.

Gold Vault- Bank of England


With 5,000 tons of gold, the vault covers a floor space greater than that of the third largest building in the city (Tower 24) and needs keys that are 3 feet long to open this bomb proof door with high-tech recognition system. It surely is a sight to see.


Room 39


Established in 1970, Room 39 is a secretive North Korean party organization that seeks ways to maintain funds for Kim Jong-un. There are talks about illegal activities going inside of it but there’s no exact proof.


Bahnhof/Wikileaks, Sweden

Wikileaks have garnered a lot of attention because of their publishing information about governments around the world. The data center is located inside of the Bahnhof center inside of the white mountains in Stockholm. The bunker has steel doors and can withstand even a nuclear attack. Exciting isn’t it?