Almost Every Girl has a BRA INCIDENT. Is this Your’s too ?

Below are some hilarious and embracing personal moments shared by some awesome people while buying bra’s:-


Deepali, 23 years ,CA


Chaura bazar har sunday ko fadia lagti hai..

Matlab Sara fadi bazar ban jata.

Jisme har tarah ke log ya salesman fadi lgate hai . Or unka customer ko awaz lgane ka style bhot alag aur innovative hota hai.

Ek chota ladka bi wahan fadi lagata tha ladies under garment ki..

Unke pas collection hoti thi bra’s ki jisme designer holes hote the.  Toh wo awaz kaise lgate the.. bra ko ek end se pkd ke ghumate hue..

AC bra ! AC bra ! AC bra !

10 ki, 20  ki ,  30 ki,  Fully AC bra

Or jab sale khatam ho jati thi.  Wo un bra ki side tania cut karke usko topi ki tarah bechte the. This boy’s sale techniques are completely different. He was on another level of advertisement.


Parul Batra, 24years, CA

I am kinda person who loves to shop but except for my garments. I usually depend on my mom for buying that stuff. She was out of town , but it was an emergency to buy me a bra. I gathered courage and went to the shop and fortunately the owner was a lady. My heart started dancing and I was a little to more confident. I spoke confidently I need to buy bra. She called the salesperson and it was a boy. I started cursing myself “Why did I come to buy this stuff?” He then asked me to come to the next table and asked my size. He brought many bras of different color but I was particularly looking for NEON color and again I had no dare to tell him the color I wanted. He became impatient and he literally slapped my heart by saying “Mam niche he dalni hai kaunsa kise ko dekhaai degi.” I felt so embarrassed and low that I rushed out off the shop immediately. This was for the first time I felt so embarrassed but now when I think of this I honestly laugh on how I behaved.


Neha Chadha, 25years, Chhabra, Bank Manager

In the run up to Valentine’s Day last year, I was in a very busy buying my garment stuff. I went all out: A see-through bra, black lace, red ribbons, matching suspender belt, stockings. I wanted to get my boyfriend’s opinion so I asked the lady to go get him. He was waiting outside, I told the sales girl to call my him. He’s the one wearing a red shirt,” I said. Seconds later the lady returned, whisking the curtain open to reveal my sexy outfit to a very scared looking random stranger! I’m not sure which of us was more embarrassed! Now, whenever I go out to buy my garment stuff, the incident always clicks my mind and makes me laugh.



Shilpa Chhabra,18years, College student

I am MOMY’S GIRL. I depend so much on my mother , means I buy all my stuff when I am with her. Once I went to buy my garments with her , this was the first time a sales boy was selling this stuff. I felt a little awkward I turned towards my mom , she understood and said it’s okey. Then he started showing all the kind of bras they had in the store. He explained the stuff of every bra so deeply telling this would fit your boobs so nicely,th is would make you feel more comfartable and  bla bla things. I reached my saturation point and I burst out saying sarcastically that “Have you ever tried this, that you are speaking this so confidently.” The moment was like DIL KE BAAT ZUBAAN PAR. I felt so bad that I rushed out off the shop holding my mother’s hand. Sooner we came out of the shop. Me and my mother bursted out laughing hardly. We never went to the same shop again , but whenever we cross the streets of the shop , this incident makes us laugh so hard.


Smiley , 20 years, College student

I am girl who completely depends upon my mom. But my college life taught me a lot of things. I am a hostler now I need to buy the stuff on my own. I wanted to buy a bra so I called my mom asked by size. Later then I went to the market to buy it. To my surprise, there was no salesgirl in the shop. I gathered courage and said I want a bb..rraa. Then next he asked my size I said 30 . He then asked 30 A B or C. I was completely silent ,I had no idea that there is a thing like A B C. Then he calls “CHOTUU mam ko bra dekhana.” He came in and said “Mam aapko 30 B aaega.” I was completely shocked, I never knew my size and he just looked at my breast and said 30 B. I felt ashamed. Whenever I describe the incident to my friends they make my fun.



Simmi Arora, 32 years, Teacher

To spice things up in the bedroom, I recently went shopping and bought some serious sinful lingerie. But before I could wear them for my husband, my kids got to them. Apparently, they found other uses for them; they used my bras as a sling for water balloons. The mortifying part was they did it when my in-laws were over for dinner! The look on my father-in-law’s face was priceless, when he saw my five-year-old rush into the room holding my lacy red bra.