5 Misleading Exercise Tips Given to Women !!

As their are a hell lot of experts roaming on the streets, parks & gym’s giving you so called “Expert Advice”. Do not believe what they say as they all are just their imagination out of nothing, leading to nothing. So, their are a number of such Hoax flying out their and  from those we have 5 most commonly told misleading tips specially given to women about exercises.

1. If women lift heavy weight, they will get bulky.

Well, really !!

You want me to believe that.

Here the fact is that women simply do not have the testosterone that men have to get bulky.

2. Cardio is better for your body than strength training.

Who told you that ?

You want the women to be weak !!

Well the fact is both are necessary for your well-rounded healthy lifestyle.Cardio will burn a lot of calories, and the strength training will give you a metabolic spike for one hour after your workout. cardio ups your body confidence, while strength training helps you look more toned.

3. Machines are better than free weights.

Absolutely fake.

What you should use in the gym depends on your goals.Machines are great when rehabbing an injury while barbells & dumbbells etc have the versatility to work every major muscle group.

4. One single exercise is all that you need.

This is totally bullshit.

Your body is an amazing machine that adapts to any one repetitive activity if done in a process.So, the only thing we would be saying is varying your workouts guarantees results.

5. You must work out every day to achieve results.

Doesn’t work for all.

If you are doing high intense training then you need a rest day for sure in order to relax the body and muscles. But if are not involved in any such exercise then you can involve a healthy workout in your lifestyle daily for better results.